Molecular Diagnostics

The Dialab Solutions portfolio includes IVD-certified nucleic acid extraction systems and kits, IVD-certified RT-PCR and Droplet Digital (dd) PCR systems, automated systems that incorporate nucleic acid extraction, real-time PCR amplification and molecular diagnostic reagent kits. Thus, we offer:

  • The RT-PCR systems for in vitro diagnostics CFX96 DX and CFX96 Opus DX offer outstanding performance, flexibility in programming, reagent selection and safety of results.
  • The QX ONE Droplet Digital PCR system integrates all stages of the standard ddPCR protocol into a single, automated platform that generates multiplex analysis results with high sensitivity and reproducibility.
  • The SENTiNAT200® automated system is an automated platform that represents a complete solution for qualitative / quantitative analysis by real-time PCR. The system consists of a compact, flexible and fast robotic station, capable of executing all stages of a molecular diagnostic protocol, from nucleic acid extraction to amplification and analysis of results.